Wednesday, December 26, 2007


i was looking for atomic age reference material and i feel upon this guy. Brotron or Greg Brotherton is a artist/ sculptor whose work centres alot around the 50s and 60s atomic age style. works like "Electrolux Death Ray" an old vacuum cleaner re assembled to look like a photon powered demoleculariser ready to vaporise a planet at the flick of a button.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Acting in Beowulf

An interesting commentary on how far away animation is from "real life" through analysing Robert Zemeckis' film Beowulf.

"Beowulf" and the Uncanny Valley

author is Ed Hooks

Friday, December 7, 2007

sony wave animation

three legged legs are responsible for the animation here. Kathleen Quaife is the traditional animator.

sony vaio animation

Roger Windsock

Here is a piece advertising for the american airforce by Gene Deitch. made about 1951. an example of how a great use of style and composition can overcome budget constraints.

roger windsock link

Monday, December 3, 2007

How To Draw Animation: Facial Wrinkles

How To Draw Animation: Facial Wrinkles

By Christopher Hart

how to be funny

Animation Comedy and Gag Writing by Jean Ann Wright

"Why does Johnny Bravo refuse to cross the road?…Because he’s no chicken!"

some of the comedy devices listed:

Impersonation/Disguise (a character in costume or drag)

Role Reversal and Anthropomorphism (two forms of reference and you oscillate between them)

Pretense and Exposure (hypocrisy, The Emperor’s New Clothes)

Pull Back and Reveal (the basic gag element is at first hidden from the audience)

Hidden Element (the basic gag element is hidden from one of the characters)

Misunderstanding, Turnabout (things are the opposite of what we expect)

One At a Time

One At a Time

this is a great use of basic geometry and very classy character design. animator is Valentina Ventimiglia

my first blog

thought a blog would be a good idea to pool all my thoughts and findings. been looking on the AWN website for some direction with my 2d animation.

i am currently reading an article on animation production.