Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Full Body Construction


The main problem that emerges doing full body stuff I think is proportion. This is highlighted by the dog’s peanut head compared to body. Also the orientation of the body parts especially legs. For example: which direction is the knee pointing?


Head Construction

While doing these drawings I am really trying to picture the squash and stretch occurring especially around the eyes and cheeks like a rubber band being pulled at either end. Also I want to stay true to the underlying structure particularly the cranium and having the rubbery features wrap around this.


I am still having trouble with proportion of say a jaw to the head. I need to find an effective way to counter this. At the moment, I blur my eyes and try and picture the two shapes as a single object, draw a straight line from eyes and see how far above below nose sits and measure length of jaw/ nose/ ears in relation to head.

I still need to work on the way that the eyes stretch from bridge of nose to high on head. On my drawings the eyes sit a bit low and flat. I think the pupils need to point to the thing they’re looking at and bulge slightly.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

don't know why this is underlined but anyway... i got bored of just copying and decided to do some of my own characters. I am finding consistency in characters easier to achieve as well as how the eyes work also light has been shed on how the neck fits on the head and body.
Duck is starting to look better. I keep coming across the same problem of having the eyes too flat on head. they need to be pulled down and out.

I finally worked out how to put an animated gif in Blogger. The wolf's head is too small on all drawings and same problem with eyes too flat

Sunday, January 3, 2010

rabbit head construction

All the ears are way too big. There are still quite a few inaccuracies but I feel like i am starting to get the hang of the wrapping around of features. i am finding it helps to try and keep in mind the egg shape while drawing. Also, I think the rabbits easier to draw as the features are close to the egg shape. The hanging jowls and long noses of the other characters make keeping proportion more difficult.Photobucket