Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

Ball Kick Flip Book

Been catching up on Jason Ryan's qanda's of late. Really trying to soak up as much of his process as possible. Some points ive observed on the flipbook pass:

The flipbook pass is really good for coming up with a scene from scratch.
Before worrying about timing, spend time on discovering poses that communicate the scene and attitude of the character as well as camera angles and composition.
Work in the antics, overlaps, arcs etc when planning. it so much easier to think about these when they're just drawings.
Figuring out eyeline is important at this stage.
Show the thought process.
Think about how the poses will transition to each other. look for the shape change.
This is where you work out the story. solve all the problems of the narrative.

Spend alot of time on the key poses, make sure they express the right attitude.

Before i got to animating this scene, i spent some time thinking about what i was going to do and did a very ruff storyboard. its a bad idea for me to just open fb and start drawing, i dont have any sort of concept and its very hard to formulate a story.

Also, i found the avery style run in mid air thing easier to solve when i combined the legs area into a blob and moved it as one not trying to think about which leg goes where. this stopped me getting confused by the details. instead i had 2 separate components that i could think about in terms of primary and secondary mover.