Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Head Construction

While doing these drawings I am really trying to picture the squash and stretch occurring especially around the eyes and cheeks like a rubber band being pulled at either end. Also I want to stay true to the underlying structure particularly the cranium and having the rubbery features wrap around this.


I am still having trouble with proportion of say a jaw to the head. I need to find an effective way to counter this. At the moment, I blur my eyes and try and picture the two shapes as a single object, draw a straight line from eyes and see how far above below nose sits and measure length of jaw/ nose/ ears in relation to head.

I still need to work on the way that the eyes stretch from bridge of nose to high on head. On my drawings the eyes sit a bit low and flat. I think the pupils need to point to the thing they’re looking at and bulge slightly.

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