Wednesday, December 30, 2009

John K curriculum

After the life altering experience of discovering the john k blog, i have decided to follow the step by step lessons provided in hope of improving my animation skills. That was three weeks ago. Here is a brief summary of my work:

Week 1:

I guess the main reason this discovery has affected me so much is the importance mr k places on the fundamentals of cartooning and animation which I tended to gloss over. the first being CONSTRUCTION

Its been three weeks and i havent really moved off this one. I started by following the Preston Blair tutorial of getting an egg and draw perspective lines. I went a bit far and decided to mould features using my kneedable eraser:

This is a great way to understand shapes in 3d space and how features wrap around objects.

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Luke Constable said...

Well done! I better put up my attempts too, nowhere near as good but still a good exercise