Friday, April 9, 2010

Ball bounce exercise becomes exploding frog

I have been on the computer for most of today, playing around with flipbook and flash. A few hits and misses, I am trying to find a way to incorporate these programs into my workflow.

I feel like I made a break while doing a ground plane in flash. I got this idea from the Adam Phillips tutorials: place a dot somewhere on the screen, draw heaps of lines coming out of it, some trees and mountains and bingo! A landscape. Next was to do an animation on this landscape (mental note: remember how much better it looks when you draw clouds going towards the vanishing point).

I roughly had an idea about how frame by frame animation works in flash and I have been thinking about timing a lot, so I did a 16 frame ball bounce animation. I drew the keys quickly, put construction lines on them and inbetweened using charts drawn on the right hand side. On the spur of the moment, I thought instead of having the ball bounce into the distance, why not make it explode. on the up of the 4th bounce Boom!

On new layers I drew a stick of dynamite and a pair of legs. It was easy to locate where everything should go because I put the construction lines on the ball earlier, so I turned a simple bouncing ball into a doomed frog. While it was quite roughly done I think the animation has potential and has opened up a doorway into a new approach with my animation.

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